Qur’ân Recitation

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Al-Qur’ân [Recitation]

‘Âmir al-Muhalhal – Al-Fâtihah & At-Tawbah, 37-80
‘Âmir al-Muhalhal – An-Nahl, 65-74
‘Âmir al-Muhalhal – An-Naml, 15-44
‘Âmir al-Muhalhal – Al-Ahzâb
‘Âmir al-Muhalhal – Al-Mulk

Faysal ar-Rashûd – Âli ‘Imrân
Faysal ar-Rashûd – Al-Anfâl
Faysal ar-Rashûd – At-Tawbah
Faysal ar-Rashûd – Al-kahf
Faysal ar-Rashûd – TâHâ
Faysal ar-Rashûd – An-Nûr
Faysal ar-Rashûd – Al-Furqân
Faysal ar-Rashûd – Ash-Shu’arâ’

Salmân al-Utaybî – Al-Fâtihah
Salmân al-Utaybî – Al-Ahzâb, 60-71
Salmân al-Utaybî – Ghâfir, 1-9
Salmân al-Utaybî – Al-Hadîd, 12-16

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