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The Qualifications Of A Mufassir

A person who wishes to interpret the Qur’ân (a mufassir) must fulfil certain conditions and qualities before he is allowed to explain the Qur’an to people – not everybody can just pick up the Book of Allâh and start interpreting it.

As was quoted earlier from Imâm ash-Shâfi’î (d.204 A.H.]: “It is impermissible for any person to give verdicts concerning the religion of Allâh, unless he is knowledgeable of the Book of Allâh, and its nâsikh from its mansûkh, and its muhkam from its mutashâbih, and its interpretation, and its process of revelation, and its makkî from its madanî, and its asbâb an-nuzûl. On top of this, he must be knowledgeable of the Sunnah…” [1]

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The Conditions For The Mufassir

From the information in the preceding chapter concerning the historical development of the tafsîr, its correct methodology, and examples of deviant tafsîrs, the following conditions could be deduced as necessary for the achievement of an authentic tafsîr of Qur’ân. Conversely, the omission of any one of the following conditions will more than likely result in a distorted interpretation of the Qur’ân.

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