The “Challenge” Of Istiqâmah

Concerning istiqâmah, Fakhr ad-Dîn ar-Râzi stated:

“Istiqâmah is a very difficult matter since it encompasses: (a) beliefs, as one must be free of likening Allâh to any of His creatures or denying any of His attributes; (b) deeds, as one must keep from changing or distorting deeds in any way; and (c) behaviour, as one must avoid the path of exaggeration as well as that of lack of action.” [1]

Similarly, al-Ghazzâli stated:

“Being steadfast along the path in this world is as difficult as being steadfast on the path that is over the Hellfire. Both of them are finer than a strand of hair and sharper than a sword.” [2]

The Proper istiqâmah will only come about when Îmân is firmly rooted in the heart. As-Siddîqî wrote:

“To keep steadfast in Tawhîd is not an ordinary thing. It means that the concept of oneness of God has taken its root firmly in the minds of men and now no interest, however alluring, no pressure, however heavy, can deviate man from the right path. It is a test of man’s faith in the Lord and is a clear proof of the fact that it is not under the influence of a whim or wayward emotion that man accepts Tawhîd as the guiding principle of his life, but he has affirmed it after a careful deliberation and fully realising the heavy responsibilities that this affirmation entails.” [3]

By Jamâl ad-Dîn M. Zarabozo
Commentary on the Forty Hadîth of Imâm an-Nawawî, Vol. 2, Pgs. 835-836


[1] Quoted in al-Qâri, Vol. 1, P. 510
[2] Quoted in al-Qâri, Vol. 1, P. 85
[3] Siddîqî, Sahîh, Vol. 1, P. 29


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  1. Very nice, masha’allah.

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