Causes That Aid In The Memorisation Of The Noble Qur’ân

I came across the following beneficial PDF translated by sister Farhia and featured on her blog, may we be of those who benefit from it, bi-idhnillâh. Here is an extract from the PDF [click the link underneath the extract to read the article in full]:

Imâm an-Nawawî said: “The pious predecessors would never teach hadîth and fiqh except to someone who had memorised the Qur’ân”

Ibn ‘Abdul-Barr also said: “Seeking knowledge is in consecutive levels and ranks, it does not befit that they should be bypassed. Whoever bypasses them at once, then he has bypassed the path of the pious predecessors – may Allâh have mercy on them. Whoever bypasses them intentionally will go astray…”



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