The Wisdom Behind The Legislation Of Prayer

Prayer is in gratitude to the great blessings that Allâh has bestowed upon His servants. Similarly, it is one of the clearest demonstrations of the meaning of worship, as it displays one turning to Allâh and submission and humility in front of Him and a private conversation with Qur’ânic reciting, words of remembrance and supplications. Furthermore, it establishes a relationship and connection between the servant and his Lord; by it, the person rises above the materialistic world [and moves on] to the purification of the soul and its tranquillity. Furthermore, [in this world] the person becomes immersed in the throngs of life and its attractions and the prayer rescues him before he becomes drowned and, instead, places him in front of the reality of which he was beforehand negligent. He realises that there is something greater [than this life]. He realises that this life could not have been created with such perfection and [this world] subjugated to mankind just so that man can live a life of uselessness, without purpose, just moving from one pleasure to another. [Instead, there must be a much greater purpose: the worship of Allâh and His pleasure on the Hereafter.]

By Shaykh Sâlih bin Ghânim as-Sadlân
Fiqh Made Easy, Pgs. 36-37


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