Naming Things By Other Than Their Real Name

Allâh mentions a story about this:

“[Shaytân whispered to Âdam saying]: O Âdam! Shall I lead you to the Tree of Eternity and to a kingdom that will never waste away?.” [TâHâ 20:120]

Iblîs had called the forbidden tree by the name “tree of eternity,” although that was not its name.

The accursed Shaytân appointed amongst his followers the naming of forbidden matters not by their proper names and he beautifies them. He gives false tides to legislated matters so that they appear unappealing and difficult. As a result people turn away from them. Thus people name the forbidden things by those names that they find more appealing. For example, they refer to wine, the root of evil, as, “the mother of festivity” or “the drink of the spirit.” In the same way interest becomes a “transaction” or a “benefit.” They say that taxes are the right of the state we live in. They even consider kufr and denial of Allâh’s Attributes as deanthromorphism. [1]

The Messenger of Allâh [sall-Allâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam] warned the Islâmic nation from falling into this evil trap:

“A group from my Ummah will make wine lawful by giving it a name themselves.”

In another narration:

“They will name it by other than its real name.” [2]

By Shaykh Salîm bin ‘Îd al-Hilâlî
Protection Against the Plots of Shaytân, Pgs. 46-48


1. The elimination of resemblance
2. Reported by Ibn Mâjah in his Sunan [3385], Ahmad in his Musnad [4/237, 5/318] and others from the hadîth of ‘Ubâdah bin as-Sâmit [radî Allâhu ‘anhu]. I say: This hadîth is authentic, supported by authentic narrations from ‘Â’ishah [radî Allâhu ‘anhâ], Aboo Umâmah al-Bahilî, Ibn ‘Abbâs, Aboo Mâlik al-Ash’arî and others [may Allâh be pleased with them all]


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